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John F Kennedy over 40 years ago outlined the current challenge to family fitness and gave us the solution.


"Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security. We do not want in the United States a nation of spectators. We want a nation of participants in the vigorous life. This is not a matter which can be settled, of course, from Washington. It is really a matter which starts with each individual family…"In the Air Force we live in small families within the large group. Culture and behavior change will need to grow out of these small families, but with the proper knowledge and tools. Thank you for the opportunity to share advice and experience with fellow runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts.

If you are training for an event, striving to improve your health and fitness, desire to experience less discomfort in your endurance activity, or a military member trying to improve on your PT test -then dive in. Although this site focuses mostly on running, the principles apply to all endurance activity as well as overall health. Running is a seemingly simple activity. It was when we were kids. So why do many have difficulty on the Fitness Test and/or get injured trying? In reality for the working Airman it is a complex mix of physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, strength and coordination of movement…that we must make simple again. We are going to introduce you to practice for running. Running can be fun again. You will feel relaxed movement, painless efficiency, speed improvement, and confidence. So how do we practice for running?

...Explore Efficient Running USAF

Efficient Running is a 3 module multi-media and interactive course designed to teach all military members and civilians to be healthier and better runners. Running is a critical component in the USAF Fitness Assessment as well as an excellent activity for overall health. We hope to integrate this into the education of all military members preparing for their Fitness Assessment (FA). More specifically the modules could be used as a directed tool for those having difficulty with the FA. Here is an outline of the course. The full course is about 60 minutes. Click on the arrows on the lower right of the pages to advance the multimedia slides.
Efficient Running Module 1 - The Science of the Efficient Runner
Running Fitness and Health
The Evolution of Running
Building the Endurance Engine
The Principles of Good Running Form
Injury Prevention
Shoe Matters
Healthy Nutrition

Efficient Running Module 2 - For the Provider/Trainer
Provider Instruction of Training Endurance
Teaching the Efficient Running Form
Drills to reinforce movement patterns
Assessing Strength and Mobility

Efficient Running Module 3 - For the Individual Airman
Self-Instruction of Building Endurance
Learning the Efficient Running
1-2-3 Run method 
Drills to reinforce movement patterns
Self Assessment Strength and Mobility
Fitness Assessment specifics
Tailor a 6 month schedule to YOU - Beginner, Maintenance, Tune for the Test
Fitness Assessment Day specific strategies
Resource Sheet for additional references
Start Training Now

   Follow the link for:

  • Training Schedules for General Fitness, 5k, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon

  • General training and racing principles and tips

  • Some short videos with more running drills



Efficient Running leads host CME courses approved for 16 hours AMA Cat 1 Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours and ACSM hours. We have refined the content to create a two-day experience for physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, coaches, other healthcare professionals, and runners. "Healthy Running" focuses on the energetics of running, running skills and drills, injury evaluation and treatment, role of footwear, and functional movement and strength. Content is evidence based with numerous case scenarios, active drills and exercises, and practical workshops to apply concepts. The course comes with a CD of over 200 articles, presentations and videos. 
Go to to learn more and register for courses. 

We offer a half rate for DOD providers, an extremely good value for AMAA Cat1 CME and ACSM contact hours which will help your health and your patients or athletes.


If you have a story about your own running experience, or of something that we have helped you learn about running form, training, footwear, nutrition --or simply the fun and play of running -- I'd be grateful if you'd like to share it.


Real knowledge and meaning comes from real people and their stories.


We are also striving to improve this site and the training to help you and we welcome any suggestions for improvement. 


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